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Some images of the fauna in and around Oaky

Local Wedge-tailed Eagle

Here are 40 of Chris Gregory's photos of birds he and his wife Jane have spotted in and around Oaky. Here's the story from Chris:

"In all there are 140 birds listed as sighted in the upper Blue Mountains. Follow the link for a full bird list- All Birds Sighted in the Upper Blue Mountains 

There are 700+ birds found around continental Australia. My wife, Jane, and I have seen 550 of them and it has taken 30 years. Jane is a true ”birder” and I tag along and take photos.  Over the years we have enjoyed visits to Oaky and here are some 40 photos of the fantastic birds we have seen and you can see around Oaky.

To best see most birds it helps to have a pair of binoculars. 8 X 40’s are best and to identify birds, a good field guide is essential. Pizzey & Knight The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia and Simpson & Day Field Guide to the Birds of Australia are highly recommended and readily available."